Sunday, January 27, 2013

Media and Ideology: Croteau

1.) Media and Ideology: Croteau

2.)  "One of the principal reasons why media images often become so controversial is that they are believed to promote ideas that are objectionable" (162).

- I can agree with this statement, because no matter what the media image is, there is always controversy. Example: Birth Control, Same Sex Marriage, Abortion, Taxes, War, The President= Controversy
-No one every agrees on anything. It is fine that people have their opinions but if someone's personal choice to marry the same sex or to take birth control it does not affect you, don't worry about it!

     "At its best, ideological analysis provides a window into the broader ideological debates going on in society. It allows us to see what kinds of ideas circulate through media texts, how they are constructed, how they change over time, and when they are being challenged" (163).

- In the paragraph it relates the the movie Forrest Gump, which is a movie I have always enjoyed. I never really thought about what is actually going on in the movie besides a young boy running out of his leg braces, going in the army, and always in love with Jenny.
- In the movie he becomes friends with Bubba, who is African American, and back then it was probably "deviant" to be friends with someone who was not the same race as you. It is a good movie to use as an example for debates going on in society, because it was a time when races were unequal in many areas of the country.
-Fast forward to today, it could still be that way with people, but many people I know see everyone as equals. which to me, is how it should be.

     "Media images do not simply reflect the world, they re-present it; instead of reproducing the  "reality" of the world "out there" the media engages in practices that define reality" (168).

- I don't necessarily believe that they re-present, I do believe that the media does have a way of changing things around, and never really tell the entire story or the whole truth.
- I also do not believe that media engages in practices that define reality, they just know how to grab a viewers attention whether it is true or false.

3.) -After reading the part about Forrest Gump, it made me think about what other important things I might have missed in movies while watching them. I feel that whatever movie I watch next, I will think of what was going on during the time this film was made.
- Sometimes I feel as though throughout the years, things have not changed or have slightly. In my opinion, people should be allowed to be with whom they want and marry whoever they want, as long as they are happy.
-Controversy, will always be there, no matter what situation is given. 
people are never satisfied.

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