Sunday, February 24, 2013

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Extended Comments: using Sarah Araujo's Blog as part of my blog.

- Wesch discusses how students in the class room are less engaged than ever before. In Sarah's  blog, she mentions certain parts of the video where students hold up papers saying: teachers do not know their names, their classes has 115 students, they are on social networks during class, and  how they spend a lot of money on texts books that they never open. I agree when Sarah stated, it has to do with the teachers, teaching style. From my own experience, many teachers do not know my name, I understand Raeann is not a common name, but when a teacher does not even know your name, it makes me feel like they do not care about their students, and it just a job to them.
- In Sarah's blog, she mentioned Progressive Education, which I have actually never heard of until now. I agree with what Sarah says "I think this kind of education would better please Wesch. Not only that, but students may be pleased more as well". It seems like a better way to get students and teachers involved and be more motivated for the future.
- Although the reading and video were similar with the aspects mentioned above there were a few differences in the video.
-Wesch mentions how media is all around us, and how it pulls students away while in the class room. for example the students who said they are on Facebook most of the time, or on some other social media site. 
- many things in the media can be positive and be spread worldwide. such as the "Free Hugs" video. It started from one guy having no one to greet him at the airport, was put on YouTube, then "Free Hugs" began all over. (Not exact video, but close to it).

 Wesch came up with the idea that in a class room, to connect everyone must have 3 things:
1. embrace real problems that the teacher does not know the answer to 2. do it with students to bring them (teachers and students) together, 3. using relevant media tools ( YouTube, Google, etc).
 -I like his idea, because media has good uses. it helps get the word out about what is going on throughout the world.
As much positive issues are in the world, such as "Free Hugs" there are also negative issues. Here are the two videos Wesch discusses in his video, for those of you who did not watch:


I believe this is a good example of ways media is put to use. Dove is so worried about how girls are going to think about themselves when they get older. Yet their products are making other young girls in different countries lose their homes, so that Dove can make their products.

Is media the only way people can connect to one another?
Why is media the main way people connect to one another? ( aw shit idk how to ask it)

How as media consumed our lives over time?


  1. I think you came up with really good questions. I think the media can be used for good but it can also be not so great sometimes. Because it has gotten so big recently, I feel like people probably do think media is the way to connect to other people. It's good because its fast and pretty easy I would say to connect to others, but the media can also pass around false information or negative information fast and easily too. I think it will continue to consume our lives though and be the number one way people connect to one another.

  2. No media isn't the only way people can connect to one another. Media does help but also sitting down for a cup of coffee or going out to eat and talking does the same thing. I know media has consumed my life by talking on skpye or going on facebook and talking to my mom or boyfriend. They are both over seas. Media consumes our lives for the whole day.

  3. Media is the majority way that people connect theses days. I should have phrased it " is Media the main way people connect" because that is what I meant not "the only way"

  4. Do you think Wesch's suggestions play out in today's classrooms? Could they? Good use of links to Sarah's blog.

  5. I agree with you guys that media has consumed much of our life and it is unfortunate that it is so, but Reann and wesch make the same point that media is the main way people connect.