Sunday, February 17, 2013

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The Rise and Fall of The American Teenager
Thomas Hine

-The main argument that I got out of Hine's reading, is where do teens fit in and why are they judged so harshly? He starts of with a quote saying "Maybe I am something special, and maybe I'm not. Maybe I am here for a reason, and I might be going somewhere after this, but then again I might not, I wonder where I fit it". (pg2) Where do teens fit in? withing their family, society, social circles etc.
-Hine's argues that a teenager is considered between the ages of 12 and 20 which is a seven years difference where they experience big physical, emotional, intellectual, and social changes (pg15). I have to agree with him, seven years is a large difference between being 12 and 20 years old. A lot goes on in someones life during that period. I liked when he argued that teenagers are not some exotic species- they are people and that is what makes them so difficult to deal with. In my opinion he is saying that when you are not a teen but an adult you look at  someone younger differently. Which is not right because everybody was a teen once, or will be.
- Hine also states that Institutionally teenagers are treated as something less than real people- sometimes resembling adults, sometimes children (pg17)- what does that mean? are they not real people? Before that Hine mentions how teenagers are an interest to police. Do police believe that all teenagers are trouble? It goes on to mention that adults feel that teens have no desire to learn about honesty and responsibility. Two thirds agreed the next generation would be worse (in 97 survey). I feel like this is another way of Hine saying that adults do look down to teens and that they are some type or "aliens". 
- I believe teens are judged harshly because they are in that faze of life where they are learning to become more mature and grown up. It is hard to do so if they do not have someone to look up to or motivation from others (family, friends etc). If that is the case, maybe that is where adults begin to look at teens as exotic and/or aliens. 

-My question, is why? WHY do teens have to be looked at so negatively? ALL adults where once a teenager, do they not remember their "awkward faze" in life?

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  1. Raeann, I really liked reading your blog. You use Hine's quotes in ways that people can understand in a relateable way (I thought the reading was kind of difficult, he talks about ALOT of shit) BUT, I also enjoyed the photos you added. The breakfast club is such a good movie.

  2. I love your post. And I believe your arguement is right. This is a question where so many people have no correct answer. Where do they fit in? So many stereotypes in society today that being a teenagers is just the idea of being able to follow the latest trends, do as other tell you to do.i don't know. I wish there was someone who could give the right answer to where do teenagers fit in?

  3. I love your Breakfast Club picture! I've seen the movie like...a billion times (it's one of my favorites) and I it is such a good link to the reading this week. They are a group of "misfit" teenagers all trying to figure out where they fit into the world---it's actually a perfect representation of Hine's quote on page 2 that you used in your blog & I used as well
    "Maybe I am something special, and maybe I'm not. Maybe I am here for a reason, and I might be going somewhere after this, but then again I might not, I wonder where I fit it".

  4. I liked this. (I was also considering the use of Breakfast club. I agree that a lot of what makes life hard for teens is the treatment they receive at the hands of adults. If Adults assume teenagers are only going to get worse, what is going to motivate teens to be better? I have often heard the saying "If I'm going to be punished for something, I may as well do it."

  5. sooo well put i agree with you post i really liked the pictures

  6. Thanks for you awesome comments!!!

  7. I think you touched on a couple of Hine's arguments. We will discuss them more in class Thursday. I can't decide which of your visuals I like best.

  8. good post, you made alot of connections